Updates for the City of Sinton regarding COVID-19

The City of Sinton offices remain open. We encourage you to pay your bills online or over the phone. Many cities are posting that they are waving the convenience fee for using your credit card. This fee is typically 5% of your bill. Be aware that your Sinton City Council has never charged a convenience fee for using your credit card.

Due to the shortage of toilet paper on store shelves many people are looking at the use of alternatives such as paper towels, facial tissues, baby wipes, and other similar items. These products are not designed to be flushed like toilet paper. By using these products you may unwittingly create a sewer backup in your sewer line. This can cause additional health concerns and create unnecessary stress and expense on you. Please do not flush items other than toilet paper.

Continue to follow the guidelines declared yesterday by Governor Abbott. The sooner we all comply with social distancing, the sooner Covid-19 will be a bad memory.

John D. Hobson

City Manager

City of Sinton