Chief of Police

The City of Sinton is a small municipality located about 30 minutes from the metropolis of Corpus Christi, Texas. As a small town, we have our dealings with crime, but overall, we as a community stand unified in our effort to always stay on top of criminal activity.
I am a proud byproduct of Sinton, born and raised in a town where everyone knows everyone and the entire City looks out for one another. We don't take it lightly that our town is not overrun by crime and criminals, because if it were not for the citizen's efforts unified with the valiant efforts of our Police Department, it would be a different story. 

Though our agency is small, our officers are well rounded and have the capabilities and confidence to handle many different situations that may arise. Our officers work hard to provide a safe and friendly environment for the community, which is part of our extended family. 

We pledge to you, the citizens of our wonderful City, that we will continue in our efforts to fight crime on every hand and we will do all that is within our power to keep our community safe.