The City of Sinton regulates subdivision platting within its city limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction through an adopted subdivision ordinance
. A subdivision plat is required to be submitted for processing if there is an anticipated division of a tract of land into two or more parts or for the purpose of obtaining a building permit.  A property owner may not sell or convey a tract of land that is not currently platted in the City to a prospective buyer. The following is provided as a guide to the subdivision and platting procedures. 

Plat Definition
A plat is graphic depiction of a survey that describes the dimensions and location of the property being platted, street right-of-way, and easements. A plat also establishes the lot, block, and subdivision name used in real estate transactions. A plat is a legal document complete with a drawing of the property boundaries, a written description of those boundaries, a dedication statement from the property owner, a title block, and approval statements and certifications. Plats must be prepared and sealed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor or Certified Engineer.

The Reason for Platting
The platting process ensures that all lots comply with the City's standards for development that are intended to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. Plats are reviewed for compliance with regulations regarding minimum lot size, width and depth; street access; utility provisions; parks and open space provisions; and drainage and flood plain protection.

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