Public Information Requests

The City of Sinton adheres to the Texas Public Information Act, originally known as the Texas Open Records Act, which provides that any person has the right to request access to City records or information.  The City will disclose records requested in writing.

Public Information refers to information collected, assembled, produced or maintained in the course of transacting public business.  It may be on paper or film or in electronic communications.

Some information is not open to the public.  These types of information are listed as exceptions in the Texas Public Information Act.  They include information on personnel records, pending litigation, competitive bids, trade secrets, real estate deals and certain legal matters involving attorney-client privilege.

All written requests should include clear and specific as to what information is required.  Utilization of the City's request form should make the process easier.

You may inspect the requested information within ten (10) business days of the information being made available to you or receive copies at $0.10 per page. Any copy request of 40 pages or less will be provided at no charge. Any copy request over 40 pages will be charged at $0.10 a page.  If copy charges exceed $40.00, we will provide you with an itemized Estimate of Charges. In some instances, we may require a deposit for payment of anticipated copy.